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I ask god, that there is someone that can help!!! I will repay in any way I can

Shaun Maries started this conversation

HI, I have went thru a tramatic couple of years, loads of surgeries alone. I have been diagnosed with sarcodosis...I have had phenomia(not spelling correct) breathing problems for over a month. I lost work due to this. My ex also decided not to pay child support on time, so we will get evicted..then he will get custody and never have to pay support. This is the same man whom left the kids in there room, lock in the house by them self..and the courts tell me its he said/she said no proof. I swear on my life, this man is about the money not his boys. He also calls child protective services on me, to trey to get a case on me. Its very sad, for my kids to go threw this. He has told me he has finally won  this time, cuz I got sick and im gonna get evicted due to being sick and not working to pay bills. and he didint pay support in the time frame to help. Yes this is what I deal with. Its very sad, and the boys love there father amd if they only knew. I hate to take that away from my boys and I have to bite my tongue over and over. I have a little over a week to come up with 925.00. Past due rent, I start working again soon, then it will be okay again. This is the second time in 6 months, I have been sick and have needed help. I hope to have good health for a very long time. I ask you and promise you and heavens above if someone can help I will repay my help back out into the world in any ways I can, THank you!!!!!

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